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Hi folks,

I can see a lot of random weird ( what looks like non human ) queries . Is there a way to block these? Can I see some stats on where these queries are coming from, what user agent is triggering it, etc?

Hi @ppcinformer,

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So we don’t have analytics specifically to detect if there is someone abusing your operations as of today (we are working on adding better analytics). But these are some pointers that can you help you:

To have an idea of what’s going on, checkout these 2 metrics
On the analytics tab, you can check the Searches Per IP for different weeks (change the day on the top right). Compare the Searches Per IP between different weeks. If they are the same, that probably means that you don’t have an abuser coming from a single IP.

On the index tab, if you go to the stats tab, you can check the search operations of your index, and see if there’s an abrupt sudden change in number of search operations (you can filter by day or hour).

What you can do on your side to better protect yourself

  • Use debouncing/throttling techniques to limit the amount of requests being sent from your side
  • If you think someone stole your search api key, you can always regenerate keys as stated in the FAQ.

Algolia implements some mechanisms that can prevent abusive usage of your account

  • You can add restrictions on your keys like adding rate-limit (number of operations by time window) or referer limit (the source of the requests).
  • You can also go a step further by using secured API keys. This feature lets you create API keys on your backend and you can apply even time limit restrictions.


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Thanks mate. Is there any documentation on using Rate Limit with the WordPress plugin?

Hi @ppcinformer,

Are you talking about the records and index limits? If so, you can check all the details in our pricing page. If not let me know :slight_smile: