403 errors on forum

I am getting 403 errors when trying to post on this forum (creating topic) and when editing my post. Not sure why that is, other Discourse forms work just fine for me.

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Hey @lucfranken, sorry to hear about that. We have seen that from time to time, and we think the root cause is Cloudflare being a bit too aggressive. Can you check in your network tab and see if the response is coming from Cloudflare and not Discourse itself?

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I also get this warning now when posting, which is not very useful:

Sorry, new users can only put 2 images in a post.

To be clear I use multiple Discourse forums without issues.

Thanks. The 2 images in a post is a default for spam protection. We might consider changing it as it hasn’t been an issue to date.

My guess is that Cloudflare doesn’t like the SQL because it thinks it could be an injection attack. I’m checking with someone to see what we can do here.