404 Error Occuring When Clicking on Item Using the Search Bar

Hello All, Wondering if this is a common issue amongst aloglia users. Our customers and staff have complained of finding error 404 when clicking on an item that drops down from the search bar.

Hey there! Not sure your nickname is really appropriated as it might be confusing. :slight_smile:

That being said, not knowing more about your setup (which integration you’re using for instance), it will be hard to give you a definitive answer.
But the most likely options for some results linking to 404 pages are those:

  1. Your records have wrong links
  2. Your records are outdated: this can happen if you have periodic indexing of your data, and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of fixes for this, except:
    • Add real-time indexing support
    • Increase the frequency of refreshes, but this will increase your amount of operations