6 Feature requests to be considered

Hello Algolia and other members,

I have been asked by Matthieu Dumont to join your forum so that I could share my opinions with you, as well as to get some help to solve some minor issues I am having.

But let me start with my 6 feature requests to be considered:

1- Hiding products based on their tags. For example, we can exclude some tags in order to hide all products associated with these tags from search. This is very handy for products (which are not supposed to be showing up on the website) that are set as visible, but users cannot find them using the website’s navigation/collections. Examples are: Service products which should appear in Cart such as “Free Samples”, “Priority Handling”, “insurance”, etc… These items are added to our website as individual products, but not to be purchased alone on their own. Unfortunately, we can’t make them invisible because it is required that they are visible so that they show up in Cart as well as check out (By the way, we are using Shopify if someone wonders).

2- Exclude collections/pages for pretty much the same reasons specified in the point above. Some collections/pages are not supposed to be searched for. For example Searching “Team” shows our “Meet Our Team” page as an item with a zero “Null” value and without a photo. This is not a nice thing, nor it is meant to be shown in the search.

3- Autocorrect misspelt words or similar words instead of having us to manually build our own dictionary for the vocabulary of words we might think the users are going to misspell. Some of the other competitors already have this feature built-in, so why can’t you do it?

4- Show “Compare to Price” in search results side by side with the original price, so that the users can have a better understanding of the appropriate discount value for each item.

5- Ensure mobile compatibility. While I haven’t checked out this matter in full, it does not seem to be that your search engine works on mobile search button the same way as the desktop. The users on mobile browsers are still required to click on the search field, input data, then get results on the second page instead of having the instant search working. You really need to look into this and make sure that search’s suggestions would appear nicely on any mobile view without obstructing other elements or going off the space available on their limited browsing space. Take a look at Searchandise and see how nicely they solved this problem.

6- Show products recommendation for similar products that the searchers might be willing to look for, especially when they search for something and they found nothing in search results.

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Now, here is the issue I am talking about. I think it is a glitch. Check out this page:

If you attempt to search for anything, a few big dots will appear and stay like that forever.

The search is working on the search button located at the top right corner of the website, but not on the main search box inside the default search page.

Any proposed solutions to address this matter? We are thinking about replacing our search page with your own custom search page, but we are unable to understand how to do the CSS Selector’s task. We are not programmers and our CSS coding skills are very immature.

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Hello again,

I just need to let you know that using “#content > .container” has fixed the problem.

Many thanks for your help. I hope other members will benefit from my post. I will be available to support anyone who seeks a further assistance in regards to any similar issues.

I wish you all, my best regards.

Zed Sefi

Hi Zed,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain in so much detail what you were having issues with and what might be missing from your perspective.
This kind of posts have a great value to us, as it allows us to know what we should prioritize and what we shouldn’t.

About your issues / questions / feedback:

  1. Ignoring a product. This is actually possible using an algolia-ignore tag
  2. Collections that are set as not published will not be searchable. Since they don’t have tags, we can’t have the same feature as for products. If you have another idea of setting a collection to not searchable, please let me know.
    Articles do have tags but didn’t support this feature. They now do.
  3. We’re doing it the other way around. Instead of trying to show an autocorrect of the query, we instead directly show results even when a typo was in it. For instance, if you have iPhone products but type “iphine”, iPhones will still be displayed.
  4. We do have compare_at_price in our search results. (Fixed by changing the CSS selector I think)
  5. We’ve been to great lengths to be mobile compatible. If the autocomplete doesn’t show up when you start typing in the input, this is not expected and I’d be happy to investigate.
  6. Product recommendations are indeed something that we’re thinking about. This is not a trivial feature to implement, but have a few ideas. Don’t expect anything in the upcoming months though. :slight_smile:

Hi Jerska,

Thank you for your response. It is highly appreciated.

I would like to have more information in regards to properly setting up the options for your bullet points number 1 and number 4 pretty please :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hello again,

Actually, when I started using the CSS Selector that your colleague gave me, I noticed that the “Compare to Price” started showing up. Therefore, I only need help in regards to the “Tags” exclusion matter.

Best regards,

You just need to add the algolia-ignore tag to the tags of the product in your admin interface in Shopify.
Like so: