A better search for MWC conference

Hey folks,

I go to a lot of conferences during the year and I always to get most of it, finding new opportunities scheduling meetings in advance.

Conferences are getting smarter and are giving tools to attendees which are getting better and better… Well at least some conferences are doing it… The big Mobile World Congress (110 thousands attendees last year) happening in Barcelona next week still has a pretty bad interface.

So I decided to build a simple too to be able to go through the exhibitors with a nice UI.
you can check it here: http://mwcsearch.scalingo.io

if you are familiar with the instant demo example, it’s the same base.
I also used it to do a similar thing during WebSummit.

Main idea is to search for a topic of interest and get a shorter list of people you could meet.
Also gives interesting data on number of companies per country or per topic.

Looking forward for your feedback :slight_smile:

Some data might be empty… because… well… bad website with no data to be scraped ><’


Thanks for posting @picsoung! Nice that you can facet by MWC vs 4YFN :sunglasses: I see a few places where text is crowded together, but nothing a little CSS couldn’t fix.