Abe: The brand new CMS based on NodeJS adds Algolia in the stack!

Abe (A Better Engine) is a lightning fast CMS written in NodeJS. Its unprecedented feature named “autodescriptive tags” make the creation of a simple or complex blog a breeze.

This CMS separates the admin interface from the user website, based on static webpages. Of course, we’ve created an Algolia plugin to make the user experience unique.

Go give it a try and let me know !

Abe: https://github.com/AdFabConnect/abejs

Algolia plugin: https://github.com/Abejs/abe-algolia


Thanks for posting @bessong and hello Abe! I did the one-click deploy to Heroku and browsed around. The admin interface is really fast and clean. :thumbsup:

This is really cool. Reading the source code now. Kudos for making this open source :+1: