Access metafield values in collection page

I am using Algolia metafields with Shopify. I am trying to implement a Quick View pop up for all the products that display on the search results and collections page. There a lot of different product details that I need to show in this Quick View Popup where the user also has the option to buy the product. I am attaching a screenshot for the same.

I was hoping to have metafields for each category for each product, access them in my liquid file and achieve this requirement. I tried the following code:

[[# meta ]]
    <span>[[& _highlightResult.meta.swatches.color_1 ]]</span>
[[/ meta ]]

which outputted nothing. Is it not possible to access metafields in my search results page? If it is actually possible how do i go about it? And if not, what other method would you suggest to get all these extra information for each product in the collection/search results page?

Hi Ganeshan,

I’m Praagya Joshi, software engineer for the Shopify team here at Algolia.

The metafields are actually returned at the same level as _highlightResult.
So, in order to render data from metafields, you can use:

[[ meta.swatches.color_1 ]]