Actual impact aggregateContent option

I have four failed pages with the error “Extractors returned too many records”. Because those pages are too big. However, it’s difficult to separate, so I tried the option setting aggregateContent : true.

After that, Aloglia crawler automatically blocked to finish the crawling because the number of records drastically changed from 46.9k to 5.85k. I haven’t applied the index yet.
When I search in the new index, I can see the page failed to crawl before. Maybe the aggregateContent option setting can avoid failing to crawl those four pages.

However, I don’t know how those grouped records affect the customers’ search experience.

This option groups the Algolia records created at the content level of the selector into a single record for its matching heading.

The number of records drastically decreased from 46.9k to 5.85k. I guess it’s not a small change. I’d like to know what is the disadvantage with the option setting.