Add blog posts, collections as InstantSearch results


I would like to have shopify blog posts and collections contained in InstantSearch results. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @tony.7, yes, this should be possible. If you are talking about Shopify Articles or Pages, those should already be indexed by our extension. We also index the collections. To include them in your instantsearch results, you may need to customize the extension.

Thank you for your answer,

I’ve already read this page and others, I’m not a beginner in code so I’d be fine but I’d need more details if possible. Would you know more precisely where it is defined to search among the products and not the other like blogs or collections (in which file). The documentation is not really precise about how to add other items to results of InstantSearch.


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Bump. Also don’t see how exactly to add items in the InstantSearch results.