Add custom filter to sidebar


We’re using Algolia extension on Magento (v1.13.0).
We have some products with discounts. These discounts are “Special Price”, “Promotion Rules”, or from an attribute of the product (for example, If the attribute is set, the product has 10pc discount").
In instant search page, we need a filter to display only discounted products.
Is this possible? How can we do this?


Hello @ali.ghabeli,

it’s definitely possible, but I’d require some development.

First of all, you need to index a custom attribute which indicates if the product is discounted, in promotion, etc. And then you’ll need to set this attribute as attribute for faceting. Both can be achieved by using extension’s backend events.

Then you’ll need to use frontend events to create a new custom widget on instant search page, which will allow your customers to filter on the newly create custom attribute.