Add disjunctive tag refinement in Algolia JS Helper

I’m trying to do a disjunctive filter by tags in Algolia but there’s no documentation about it. This is what i’m doing actually:


That will filter all the documents that have the Shangai tag. But i need to get also all the documents that have the Brooklyn tag.


After doing that i get 0 results because algolia is using the AND operator as default to search in tags, so is looking for documents that have Shangai AND Brooklyn. What i need Shangai OR Brooklyn.

Anyone knows how to do it?

Hi @mdaguerre maybe you could use disjunctive faceting for that?

Alternatively, if what you want to achieve is just filtering (and not actually displaying the ORed tags), you can go for the generic “filters” parameter:

helper.setQueryParameter('filters', '_tags:Shangai OR _tags:Brooklyn');

Let me know how it goes.