Add magneto2 swatches in Instant search page Algolia

i want add magneto2 swatches on Instant page under products !
like color,size, …
when i am on Instant search the swatches did not show !
how should i add swatches !
please help !

Hello @soroush.araku,

you can customise the extension by using backend hooks, front-end hooks and override the templates to do whatever you need.

To add colour swatches, you’ll need to index colour data first - that’s where you can use backend hooks to enhance default data.
Then you might want to modify the data returned by Algolia to easily display swatches. For that you can use front-end hooks.
And at the latest you can override default Algolia templates to actually display the swatches.

Hi @jan.petr can you make the detail how to customize?