Add timestamp to filter results

Hello, I’m stuck with this but I’m looking to implement the attribute “date_timestamp” to retrieves results related to specific dates.

I know that Algolia needs UNIX Timestamp for that, but in the dashboard how can I add the attribute? I got the attribute date, but I’m confused to add “date_timestamp”.

Sorry for the dumb question, I hope you can help me to understand.


Hi, Have you fixed this issue? I am, trying to do the same.


Algolia indices are schemaless, so you just need to inject the new attribute/value pair into the JSON of each record, either by editing the record in the dashboard or programmatically using a partialUpdateObject call:

Thanks @chuck.meyer for reply, but how can i edit a record programmatically in the dashboard?

In the dashboard, there should be an “Edit record” button you can use to modify that individual record. You would need to do it one at a time.

To bulk modify records programmatically you’ll need to write some code against the API using the partialUpdateObject method I linked to above.

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Thanks, partialUpdateObject works good!

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