Add to cart not working


The ADD TO CART is not working. The URL changes to one showing add to cart, but nothing is added to cart and the user is redirected to the Home Page. Any way this can be fixed @rayrutjes ?

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I think this really depends on your theme and your store’s configuration.
On all the configurations I have tested so far it worked out.

Please note however that if your theme expects some custom Ajax calls to be done, then it won’t work and you might need to do further code tweaking.

What is the current scenario you experience?

There’s nothing special in my store configuration. At least not that I can think of. And the theme, we’re using Jupiter from Themeforest. After clicking on the Algolia ADD TO CART we are redirected to the home page. Nothing in the cart. Is this something you can look into and tell us what might be causing this? URL is