Adding a new search paramater

I’ve just had a number of new country pages created within Magento that I need to placed into the Algolia search index but I don’t know how to do it.

An example of the page is

This page is for Australia so in this instance I’d like this page to appear when the word Australia is typed in the search box.

Hi @deanl

Binding specific pages to specific query would need the new query rules functions :wink:

With that, you can tell the engine to bring first “” when “Australia” is typed.

Hope this helps :wink:

Hello Dean,

how are the country pages created? Are those classic Magento CMS pages?

The extension provides indexers only for Products, Categories, CMS pages, query suggestions and products’ parameters.
If country pages are created with any other 3rd party extension, you’ll have to create your own custom indexer to have those pages indexed in Algolia.

When you do that, you’ll have to add this data to autocomplete menu as well. That you can by following this tutorial.

Cheers - I’ll link my developer into this thread as he developed the country list.