Adding Custom Search for Blog Posts Hosted on Magento

Hello. We are having some issues figuring out how to have Algolia Search Index and show our Blog Posts in search results. We have found some great documentation on how to do this if you are hosting an outside source like Wordpress Blogs, but our Blog is hosted on the same Magento installation as the store using an extension called “Blog Pro”. Any idea on how we can implement this on our site? Many thanks.

Hello @majesty1418,

the extension doesn’t index any other content from Magento which is created via 3rd party extensions (like a Blog Pro).

To make it searchable, you’ll need to write your own Magento module or script by which you’ll index your pages to Algolia.

When you have those pages indexed, then you can follow the documentation to add another datasource to you Magento’ search.

Let me know if you’ll need more details.

Hello there :slight_smile:
Thanks for the speedy response. Glad to hear that it is do-able. Can you please provide me a little more information on what the aforementioned module or script would need to contain that would be awesome. Building a module from scratch is a little out of our league here, but maybe we can have someone create the module and then we will do the implementation ourselves. If you can point me to an article or provide a little more info that would help us a ton. Again, thanks for your time.