Adding Pages to Instant Search Results Page for Magento


I’m using the Magento 1 extension for Algolia.

I’m trying to include a ‘Pages’ section on the Instant Search results page, similar to the ‘Pages’ template in the Autocomplete dropdown.

It doesn’t look like the module handles this by default and I’m not sure of the best way of going about customising the module.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Craig,

I confirm that the module does not handle the inclusion of another template in the Instantsearch result page such as the « pages » section you describe.
What you want is quite a tricky thing to do and you will have to customize the module to meet your needs. I would advice you to bind a second instantsearch query (related to the page index) on the same input and populate your own « pages » template You can find more technical details on this tutorial .
You will probably also have to override the Magento’s catalogsearach templates.

Hope this would help.