Adding records through CURL

I’m new to algolia and very impressed with the tech :slight_smile: I have a cron-job that checks for new records in my API that I want to index with algolia, I do this through integromat and would love to be able to push the new records to algolia via REST API. But the only things I can find is API clients in languages I don’t want to use. Is there no direct access to the API?

Hello Alexander and welcome to the Algolia Community !!

You can interact directly with the Search REST API to POST new records see for the whole documentation.

Please note however, that the API Clients would provide you with some interesting feature such as search and indexation best practices, error handling, retry strategy,…
But I understand that if those we’ve developed do not fit your need. Which language would you like us to add ?Then I’ll check with the team in charge if that’s doable on our side.

Happy coding with Algolia!


Hey! Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:
I use a API service for my cronjob that runs on a webhook, so I would love to just be able to submit through CURL like you’ve showed me :slight_smile: