Adding taskID to error logs

I understand why all methods return a taskID and not wait for the result. However, I don’t think taskIDs are included in Algolia’s logs in case updates fail. If I glossed over it, then I’d love to know where to find it. If not, then I was wondering if there is a chance to stick it in. That way, if I log the taskID on the calling end can correlate it with failures on the receiving end. (Also, how long are the taskIDs expected to survive?)

Hello Wilfred,

I am an engineer in the Search team at Algolia and I will try to help you.

The taskID is simply a handler that you can use with the waitTask API to get the eventual result of an asynchronous operation.
It has no other use at the moment, and will not appear in the logs because the result of an asynchronous operation is not logged, only API calls (outgoing calls from your side) are logged.

taskIDs only survive as long as needed, that is until they become an ok or an error result and trigger the waitTask callback.

Please let me know if anything is unclear or you need any further assistance.
Best regards,
Joris Valette