Adding WooCommerce Price to InstantSearch and AutoComplete


I’m trying to include the WooCommerce (variation) prices to the AutoComplete and InstantSearch results but am not sure how to do it. I did find this page but eventhough I know a little bit about code, I’m not a professional developer myself so I’m having difficulty implementing this properly. I did look in the php files but I just don’t know what to erase or what to add exactly so I’m hoping someone here can assist me.


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Unfortunately this indeed requires some development as of now, and we don’t plan to integrate this by default just yet.

I’d gladly give some guidance on existing code, but can’t unfortunately do the implementation for you.

Hi Ray,

I understand, no worries. Do you perhaps have any guides online or do you have any tips to do this? I roughly know what to change and in which files but not the exact lines of code.

Also, I’m currently using a WordPress child theme. Am I correct in thinking to add the Algolia files in the child theme directory or should I place them in the parent theme directory? I currently have it set up as this within the child theme:


Is this correct? Thanks!