Advance Faceting Filtering

Some pages indexed by docsearch do not have faceting metadata filters. For example, some of our high level docs are translated, but low level reference docs are not translated and will never be.

I would want users who search for “english” docs to get our english high level docs and our reference docs. Whereas users looking for “chinese” docs would get our chinese high level docs, and our same english reference docs.

Ideally, I would want a user who searches to get results for their language facet filter (localized documentation) and also search any docs which do not have a facet filter (reference documentation).

Is this possible?

2 ways:

Either you do not set the element matching the “lang” selector and put a default_valueto “universal” and you had this facetFilter value to the search.

Otherwise, depending of the URL, you can create a tag “universal” and follow the same last step.