Advanced Custom Fields "Flexible Content Field" and "Clone" fields


I’m attempting to integrate the Algolia WP plugin with a WP site in which most of the pages are built using ACF Flexible Content Fields. If it makes any difference, these Flexible Content Fields were built as Field Groups through ACF’s clone feature. However, I can’t locate any information on how to integrate if the ACF doesn’t create a Custom Post Type. Please help.

Hi there, we have no experience on using such wordpress plugin along with Algolia search. Hopefully thanks to you, next person looking for that on Google will endup here and might provide more help.

Thank you for responding. Algolia WP actually provides a short tutorial on integrating Algolia with WP Advanced Custom Search :

Unfortunately the tutorial is very basic. Further, there are a few hooks and actions ( Filters Reference ) to facilitate integration but most of those hooks and actions do not include sufficient documentation.

This is really a shame as I recommended Algolia to a client for two sites and if I can’t even expose site data to search, Algolia looks like a dead-end exploration for us.