Advanced search syntax doesn't support Chinese

As title, we enable advanced search syntax on our talent search engine and job search engine, but the syntax only works in English but not Chinese. For example, design -interior works, but 設計 -室內 doesn’t. I think it’s a bug.

Hi Trantor,
Thank you for contacting Algolia.

I am Joris, working on the natural language processing part of the engine.

I can confirm your suspicion: the prohibit operator (-) currently does not work with CJK characters. I am opening an issue in our bug tracker, and will let you know when it is fixed.

Thanks for reporting this bug!
Best regards,
Joris Valette

We also just encountered this, does it continue to be an issue? If so

+1 for fix.


I am Antoine Software Engineer from the Search team. Unfortunately, the bug isn’t fixed yet on our side. Once it’s solved we will post an update on this thread.

Best regards,