AEM 6.2 with algoliasearch-apache-uber.jar 3.12.0: Class cannot be resolved during runtime

Hello, we are currently working on integrating the algolia search into our AEM 6.2 Environment. To achieve this, we added the needed dependecy into our maven build and installed the osgi-bundle (algoliasearch-apache-uber-3.12.0) in the felix console.

Since then everything went fine without any major issues.

This changed when we added following imports to our algolia communication service:


The java build works fine but we receive the following error in one of our aem packages during runtime of our aem instances: ā€“ Cannot be resolved ā€“ Cannot be resolved

For us it looks as if the above mentioned OSGi-bundle does not export those two classes. Might this be an issue or did we do anything wrong?

Greetings Chris

Hi Christoph!
I found this other thread that seems to correspond to your issue: -- Cannot be resolved

Please, let us know ho this goes.

Sorry, Iā€™m mistaken. The link I shared is also about a resolving issue, but not for the same libraries.