Ais-configure filters and refinement-list


  • I’m using Ais-Configure to filter the hits at page load according based on a facet retrieved in a URL param
  • I’m also displaying an Ais-Refinement-List of that same facet
  • While the filter is correctly applied on my results, my Ais-Refinement-List isn’t updated: the facet value retrieved from the URL is applied on the search, but not refined on the Ais-Refinement-List widget

Do you know where this could come from?

Thanks :pray:

Try this
const search = instantsearch({ searchClient, indexName: 'instant_search', **routing: true** });
insted of Ais-Configure
ref :Sync your URLs with InstantSearch.js | Algolia

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Thank you for your answer! This is not part of the MVP for my feature anymore, I’ll give this a go later :slight_smile: