Ais-instant-search and algolia Places


I’m using vue instant search with multiple filters enabled. On top of that I have an “input” with Algolia Places. The idea is to filter my results based on location (_geoloc).

Everything is working well but now I want to save search in the URL, so I enabled “routing” prop in ais-instant-search :

 routing: {
      router: history(),
      stateMapping: simple()

But my geoloc filter is not passed in the URL, how can I do that?

The geo filter works with ais-configure:

   <ais-configure :hits-per-page.camel="9" :around-lat-lng.camel="aroundLatLng"
                 :around-radius.camel="aroundRadius.value" />

Hi @algoliafan23,

I think our documentation about routing URLs with Vue may be helpful to help you pull the information you need and the put it in the url.

If you have trouble getting that to work, feel free to create a codesandbox to demonstrate the issue so that we can help troubleshoot.

We have a Vue instantsearch starter template here.