Items for brand not pulling through. My items for products are coming through correctly but want to filter items with the ais-refinement-list on brand but it is not showing the brands which is loaded.



The ais-refinement-list component requires that the attribute is declared as attributesForFaceting. It looks like it’s declared as searchableAttributes but it doesn’t impact the facets.

If the attribute is correctly set but the issue persists, could you create a reproducible example? It would help to better understand the problem. We provide a template to avoid the boilerplate part. You can find it on CodeSandbox.


Thank you for the response… is that set on the Algolia backend? @samuel.vaillant

Thank you for the excellent service… its working


Yes, you can either set it in the Algolia dashboard (In your index > configuration > Facets), or using one of our API clients.