Algolia Adoption

I am considering migrating a clients application from ElasticSearch to Algolia. For this particular application deployment, it hovers around 2M search requests a month over a dataset of 27M records. Pricing isn’t clear for me on this - can someone perhaps elaborate on this?

Hi Matt,

Information on our latest pricing plan can be seen below. It also includes a pricing calculator.

The pricing model is based on the concept of a unit, which is 1000 records and 1000 search requests (whichever is greater.) For example, with 50000 search requests and 15000 records, the records would be ignored and the usage would be 50000/1000 which is 50 units.

However, with a index of that size (27 million records) it would be best to discuss directly with one of our Sales representatives:

Please let me know if you have any further questions!