Algolia and firestore prices + reviews

I’m sorry for my english I’m french
Hello, I wanna make sure I get the pricing model correct.

I use Algolia to search in my apps, so I need a user index for Firestore Take an example and say that I have 10000 users.
2 methods are presented to me:

  • Either I do an indexing say every 5 minutes.
  • Either I index every time a document is changed in Firestore

I think that the first method would be impossible because of the operating limit of firestore (that would be about 2,800,000 reading) but I’m not sure.
For the second, I hesitate.

Can you give your opinion and tell me if I’m wrong?

And I have to ask. If 2 documents are modified at the same time what would happen? And can we search with Algolia during indexing?


I recommend taking a look at the following article for using Algolia with Firestore.

Generally, you will only update your index when a record (customer/document) changes using the various Algolia API methods. You can find out more about them here. This route will result in the pricing being based on the number of records and number of interactions you have with those records.

Algolia indexing operations are managed by a queue to handle modifications. Take a look at the waitTask documentation if you have changes that are dependent upon each other.

Algolia Search will continue to function as normal while indexing is happening.

Let me know how it goes and if you have more questions.
Happy Coding!