Algolia and reviews


I’m building a database of my products and I really love the Algolia Search. I have to use the REST API to do the searches because of the limitation of the tech stack I’m allowed to use.

I want my users to be able to review products, but my question is how I would store this in Algolia? I would love to make the words of the reviews searchable so that there is more content for the user to search through. This is a wine site so it’s important to get the words from the users in the search to provide even more relevant searches.
But do I then on each product add the reviews? Will this be too much data? How would you do this?

Hi Alexander,
You can add a special field, containing the words of the reviews to each of your record and then make it searchable via the settings of your index. Please note that the size limit of the record is 10 KB, so you may be interested in some kind of processing of the text of your reviews in order to keep only the most significant words using TF-IDF metric or another NLP approaches.
I hope this answers your question.