Algolia and the Ultimo Theme

Hi, I have just transferred to Magento 2 and installed the Ultimo theme. I can’t figure out how to get the search box to use Algoria when using the one in the menu (default Ultimo theme 8)

The website is

Any help please?

Hello @dino,

you need to change the DOM selector of search box in Algolia configuration in Magento:

Usually for Ultimo theme the DOM selector is #search.

Can you change it and let me know if it works OK?

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Hi Jan thank you for your reply.

I tried that after a suggestion from a Google search, but nothing happens bar the default search suggestions. On the old site I had the full dropdown with images etc.

Hey @trev,

I just checked your website and it seems Algolia is not loaded there. Did you disable it? Should it be loaded and turned on?