Algolia autocomplete modify query before POST

My problem is that I have a reserve character in my query string that I need to remove before posting data to Algolia’s autocomplete widget. The character that I need to remove from my search is a dash ("-"). Basically, when ever the user types in the dash I want to replace it with a space (" ") on the backend post to Algolia for processing.

Is that possible?

Hey there,

the - character is in the list of separators we have, so should normally not have made a difference between that and a space. Are you seeing different behaviour between the dash and a space?

@haroen - very sorry about the long delay on the is post.

Yes. I am seeing a difference. I have an index that produces zero results when I use the “-”, dash, in the search query. When I remove the dashes from the query and replace them with spaces I receive the desired results.

Is it possible to replace dashes for spaces in a search?