Algolia Autocomplete result issue

Algolia Autocomplete search result is different with Algolia Instant search result

Hi Hammad,

Thanks for contacting our support team.

Unfortunately we were not able to completely understand your question, could you write back to us with more details and context about what’s not working for you while using the Algolia service? An example with screenshots would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your reply!
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If you see screen shot when search from topsearch input “lifebuoy flash sale” its showing no product found and same input “lifebuoy flash sale” its showing 2 records
Also when we type pepsi its showing 6 record in autocomplete and instant search page same type showing 14 results and if we type pep order pepsic result mismatching

we need same result with both place

Hi Hammad,

Thanks for your reply.

Could you give us some more information regarding your use of Algolia. In particular, are you querying the same index with the same search parameters with the top search bar and the one below?

Looking forward to your answer.
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If you check from instant search result 2 records found

if you check from top search autocomplete No product found

Hi guys,
any update ?

guys please update. we have been waiting

Hi guys my question is before one month and you guys not responding any solution for this issue is this any other way or procedure to resolve algolia issues with you or your team? Please let me know i am still waiting your response