Algolia "Autocomplete selected" issue


Algolia autocomplete suggestions appear but autocomplete selected event does not trigger when clicked on the suggestion in mobile devices like iPhone, iPad. It works fine in Android. How to solve this issue?

Thank you.


Could you give the code you are using which doesn’t work? This has been related to an older issue we had, but should have been fixed a while ago already now.


This is a vue.js application :

this.client = algoliasearch('appID', 'apiKey');
this.index = this.client.initIndex('indexValue');
let self = this;
               { hint: false, autoselect: true  }, {
                   source: autocomplete.sources.hits(self.index, {hitsPerPage: 5}),
                   displayKey: 'location',
                   templates: {
                       suggestion: function(suggestion) {
                       return '<span>' +
                           suggestion._highlightResult.location.value + '</span>'
           }).on('autocomplete:selected', function(event, suggestion, dataset) {
                   self.query = suggestion.location; // binding 'location' to v-model query
                   self.type = suggestion.type;                    
           }).on('autocomplete:autocompleted', function (event, suggestion, dataset) {