Algolia autocomplete show tag

Hello, i have install and setup algolia on my website, and when i want to use it, it display a commented code " /]]>/ " in the result found like this :

Can you help me to delete this please ?

The link of my website to test it :

Hi @didier.collin

Those strange characters are in your template, see on line 529 :

<script type="text/html" id="tmpl-instantsearch-hit">/*<![CDATA[*/<article itemtype=""><#if(data.images.thumbnail){#><div class="ais-hits--thumbnail"><a href="{{ data.permalink }}"title="{{ data.post_title }}"><img src="{{ data.images.thumbnail.url }}"alt="{{ data.post_title }}"title="{{ data.post_title }}"itemprop="image"/></a></div><#}#><div class="ais-hits--content"><h2 itemprop="name headline"><a href="{{ data.permalink }}"title="{{ data.post_title }}"itemprop="url">{{{data._highlightResult.post_title.value}}}</a></h2><div class="excerpt"><p><#if(data._snippetResult['content']){#><span class="suggestion-post-content">{{{data._snippetResult['content'].value}}}</span><#}#></p></div></div><div class="ais-clearfix"></div></article>/*]]>*/</script>

Right before the </script> you just have to delete them from the template and you’ll be good to go :wink:

Thank you for your investigation, but in my template, i don’t have this :frowning: look :

The CDATA quotes are written dynamically i guess