Algolia Coding Contest

Hi folks!

We are kicking off a Coding Contest!
There are 3 categories, and 3 smartphones to win (or a $800 gift card). The 3 categories are:

  • Build a project using both the Strapi and Algolia APIs.
  • Build a project using the Algolia API
  • Build an Algolia implementation using a pre-made Codesandbox

I hope you’ll enter! Have fun.

Learn all the details on the dedicated Github repository: GitHub - algolia/algolia-coding-contest

Hello, How can we send the contest

Hi @titobarimuto,

You can create a GitHub repository with your code, and send an email to codingcontest[at] In the subject, please specify the category in which you want to participate.

You can find more details on the algolia/algolia-coding-contest repository.

Good luck! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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