Algolia Crawler uses head > title instead of og:title

The docs state:

   * The title of the page
   * - og:title
   * - head > title
  title?: string;

Which i assume the og:title should be checked and if it’s not present, the title tag should be used.

Apparently Algolia seems to always use the title tag.

Our system is build with nuxtjs.

Hi @technik, you are right, that’s how it is supposed to work.
Would you have an example page where you see it not behaving like that?

You can find the search results here:

Some pages get indexed correctly like:

And some pages get indexed the wrong way like:

Basically “| InseGda” should not be in the title of the search result.

Also i’ve tried it with a fresh installation:

Here you can see the repository for it:

Hi, sorry the website is protected by a password. Could you host it elsewere, or even send me the HTML page or the password by email ( after my username)

Oh and actually seeing your original message, it’s probably the same issue than reported here: Crawler uses title over og:title · Issue #767 · algolia/algoliasearch-netlify · GitHub
The og:title meta tag needs to be declared with a property attribute:

<meta property="og:title" content="Ahoy" />
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Thank you! That solved the issue.