Algolia Dashboard and Wordpress

Hello, my name is Michael, and I’ve been using Algolia with wordpress for some time. I run a large site for fractals with lots of download files and posts, so search is essential.

I use the Wordpress plugin, but it lacks a lot of customization features. I’ve checked the info for it and the documentation, but can’t see anything there that will help me.

In the dashboard area of my algolia setup, there’s a UI demo, which looks excellent and I’d love to have that working in wordpress. Only thing is that it lists index names as category.hierarchy.lvl0 etc rather than just saying “category”. I can’t seem to find a way to alter that, or how to get something like that into my wordpress.

I saw there’s a big section on implementing with wordpress on the algolia pages, and a dev friend I have tried it, but was getting errors on the indexing.

So in all that rambling, I should sum up.

What’s the best way of replicating the UI demo in Wordpress? and/or
Is there a way to customise more the “search with algolia” plugin?

As a final note, I contacted support, explained I was using the plugin, and we went through various questions about my setup and the like. About 8 emails later I got the reply, we don’t support the plugin

Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting Algolia team.

From what you have mentioned here, are you wanting to be able to add more searchable filters to your current search implementation?

The WorkPress plugin provides a connection between your WorkPress site and your Algolia index. In order to build your search though you will need to develop this yourself within your own WorkPress site.

Details of building the search in WorkPress are available in our documentation - Building Search UI | WordPress | Algolia Documentation

I hope that this helps.