Algolia Dashboard - filterOnly

Hi all,

It doesn’t look like theres a way to add the “filterOnly(…)” to a facet attribute via the Algolia Dashboard.

If I want to use this feature by adding it via an API call, do I need to remove it from the Algolia Dashboard and ONLY add it via an API call – or should I leave it and add it via the API as well?

IE: Should I use one of these or both?

  • Dashboard -> Attributes for Faceting -> “viewableBy”
  • NodeJS ->
  'attributesForFaceting': ['filterOnly(viewableBy)']

Thank you in advance!

Annnnd apparently I’m just blind and/or stupid. DId not realize that there was a textbox at the top of the dropdown for available facets. Can simply type in there and add the ‘filterOnly’ there.