Algolia demo in 0 click - Now possible

Hello everyone,

I’ve finally manage to build an MVP based on Algolia’as magic !

The goal was to allow some users to instantiate an index without having to do anything more than writing their e-commerce URL in an input. Then a crawler start and the magic happens :rocket:

Works only for :

But Prestashop and Magento will arrive, I’m sure of it !

You can check it at and it’s also available on Github

Shout out to the site’s I’ve crawled a lot to test
(checkbox "Force reindex" to see the whole process if you’re curious):

WooCommerce : (this one saw me a lot !)
Which next ?

Shopify :


What’s next :

Listen and adapt to your feedback
Fine tunes the indices
Add a debug mode
Add a more visual progress bar
Update Algolia libraries
Add a function to compare with native search
Add Color, Size etc. in Object
Add more CMS
Remove first level of categories when generic (shops, collections etc…)
Sky is the limit… :robot:

P.S: (Too) many code was made during (too) late hours, please don’t be too harsh :joy:
P.S-2 : I’ve used a few Algolia design element, please tell me if that’s a problem!

:sleeping_bed: Pierre Aurèle :sleeping_bed:


This is a really cool project! :clap:

I hope you keep working on it and share your progress here :pray:

This is really neat! Thanks so much for sharing your code and story here on the forum. :smile:

This is really really cool!
We’ve started doing something like this for Shopify only, currently not open source, here: .
But having a generic website allowing you to try Algolia on almost any ecommerce platform would be awesome!

Keep it up, and happy to help!

@haroen Thanks for the branching :rocket:

I’ll keep working on it without any doubt! Any advice ? :raised_hands:

Thanks! Just a tiny part of the story :wink:

Not almost but 90%+ on the long shot! I’ll fix Shopify indexing asap (sunday) but it’s hard to find a regular pattern. As I don’t like doing something already done, may be we could have a call and share ideas/method/projects ?

Daily update :
As it seems this projects got interest, a wild Grunt appear !

Me after 15 :heart:


Really interesting project! The same logic could be applied for an “I got lucky” google search like experience. You automatically get the best result after the user stops typing.

Good job!

Hello Algolia,

Just a quick update on this project :

  • Shopify is now 100% working, feel free to check it :wink:
  • Repo has been clean a lot to make any contributors life easier (OOP, SAAS etc…).

I’ve start working on Prestashop integration, coming soon :rocket:

Thanks to @Jerska for the support :heart:

@nico_lrx Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Thought, I’m not sure I understand what you meant in the context of Algolia4you

Cheers :smiley:


is ready to work prestashop module for free version of Algolia ?
Thanks for your comments.