Algolia Detached Needs Mobile UI improvements

What: Detached mode | Autocomplete | Algolia

1 of 2. Placeholder VS input.value

Google Detached UI for example (In “algolia” terms"). On load the initialState is “algolia”.

  initialState: {
    query: "algolia",


User interface issue 1 of 2: On algolia the GUI show only the placeholder (Not the current initialState query);

2 of 2. input.value is empty on click

When you click on the input - the input set to the query:


User interface issue 2 of 2: On algolia the input is empty (The user should type the query again).


Looks like the UI Detached not working like he should (From UI aspect) if “on select/submit” the user stays on the same page (Lets say if you use autocomplete for filtering data on the same page).


Loom Demo