Algolia Extended project

Hello guys and girls !

I’m actually working for a company that use Algolia as a multi-environments approach.

Just to explain you, we have got 3 envs (dev, demo, production).
Our dev and demo environments doesn’t need a paid plan, because the amount of requests/entries/etc are not so big and less than 10000/months.
Our production environment needs a paid plan obviously.

This is why we need 3 envs in Algolia. But it can be painful to maintain those 3 envs, especially when we need to do some changes in our algolias settings/indices. There is no automatic replication of settings, etc…

So to help us doing such actions on our 3 envs, I created Algolia Extended

** ( :star_struck:.

This little web app, coded in nodejs with algolia sdk, could help you to perform some tasks.

What you can do ?

  • Copy a full/partial environment (settings + datas, just settings or just datas) into an other one.
  • Clear an environment. It will just destroy all indices in it.
  • Export an environment into a .json file. You can decide to export full env, just settings or just datas.

What’s next ?

  • Put all the code on a public github, to assert full transparency.
  • Add an ssl to the website.
  • Do an Import feature, that will take a json generated via Export feature.
  • Work with collaborateurs on github, to fix issues, improve the project, etc…
  • Maybe some new incoming ideas, everytime to help manage this type of configuration for algolia.

Be aware that

  • For the moment, I installed google analytics on it, just to know which feature is more used than the others. I think i will removed it soon.
  • I really, really, really don’t care about your API KEYS, but this project need Admin API KEYS to perform some tasks as manage indices, copy settings, etc… Be sure that the project doesn’t collect it. The fact that i will put the source code on github is an act of trust.
  • I contacted Algolia, and they know that the website exists.
  • Yeah, this website/project doesn’t intent to replace Algolia, just extends it with some cool features for multi-envs.

That’s all for now…
So let me know if you think the idea is good, if you want to use it, if you find a bug, if you have some good improvments for this, etc… I’m open to all suggestions and feedbacks.
You can see all of it here !

I think i’m not the only in this case, so this project can be good to help other companies that has got 1, 2, 3, … X environments, for the same app.

Thanks for reading ! And good coding with Algolia. :robot:


Hi again !

A little update on the project, now it uses a SSL to encrypt informations and requests.

See it there :


I like this project a lot, it combines pure tech and smart thinking on how to streamline processes when moving from dev to prod environment.


Hey, really useful, thanks!! And I can actually remember a few use cases of mine where knowing about your tool could have saved me some time. Have you heard about Aerial, our CSS framework? This could bring to your project page a bit more of an Algolia feel without much effort:


Thanks for that Nicolas !
I tried to reproduce an Algolia-style for the css used, with not much effort on it because i’m more a back dev than a front dev ahah. :grin:
Sure i will try to implement Aerial to stylize the project !


Hello folks !

A little update on the project.

  • You can now visit the project code source, available on github here !

  • I removed google analytics, doesn’t need it anymore.

  • There is now an IMPORT feature that you can use with the previously existing EXPORT feature. The export feature create a json that store the name, settings and datas all of your indexes in your environment. The import allow you to use a previously generated json file on a new fresh environment. Bouya !

See you soon for more updates :wink: