Algolia for Shopify Indexing

Hi, I’m trying to use Algolia for Shopify but my products are not being indexed and only 43 / 315 collections are being indexed, any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?
I also tried with my dev store and it worked…

This the index status response…

articles_current_count: 0
articles_total_count: 0
collections_current_count: 0
collections_total_count: 279
counts: {}
indexing_error_repeated: false
indexing_jobs_cleared: false
indexing_jobs_paused: false
indexing_jobs_paused_at: 0
is_articles_reindexing: false
is_collection_reindexing: false
is_pages_reindexing: false
is_product_reindexing: false
last_indexing_error_code: ""
pages_current_count: 0
pages_total_count: 0
products_current_count: 0
products_total_count: 305
total: 0
webhooks_failing: false

Hi @alberto,

Thank you for reaching out Algolia support.

The first step is to ensure that you followed every step of the quick start guide. If it’s the case we’ll take a look more closely at your setup. Could please confirm your application ID? Is it JUV8H8O1F5?

Thank you!

Hi @samuel.vaillant , thanks for your answer, yes I followed the steps and read the docs and yes JUV8H8O1F5 it’s my app ID. Thanks for your help

Hi @alberto, hope you’re doing well!

The Shopify integration indexes products and collections only if:

  • They are published
  • They are not published in the future
  • They don’t have “[hidden]” in the title
  • They don’t have “algolia-ignore” tag

If these criteria are satisfied, can you please let me know the IDs of a sample product and collection which you expect to be indexed but hasn’t been yet?
I will be happy to have a look at it.

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Hi @praagya.joshi thanks for your answer, With “They are published” condition, do you mean by published on “online store” ? we use other sales channel than “online store” (we have our own storefront developed).

This is what I was trying to achieve:

Use algolia for shopify to sync products and to be able to use algolia backend tools on shopify.
Use instantsearch.js(react) on our storefront.

does this make sense?

thanks for your answer

Hi @alberto, the Shopify app currently only support the “online store” channel so it expects products to be published on it. Will it be possible for you to publish your products on the “online store” channel as well?

Once that’s done, the indexing of products will be handled by the app and you can continue to develop the storefront in React as you outline.