Algolia for Zapier [beta]

Hey :wave:

I needed to quickly connect a spreadsheet with some API and index all of that in Algolia.

So i’ve started to build an app for Algolia in Zapier.
I believe it opens a lot of possibilities to build helpful automation for our teams and tools.

- It’s a simple action that allows you to add/update your records in Algolia.

As the integration is still beta, please use this link to try it Algolia Search for Zapier

I’ll complete that thread with some examples and I’d really like you to share what you have or what you would like to build with this Algolia-Zapier connector.

Stay plugged. <3


Hi @kevin.granger

That’s a great idea I had in mind cause I someone famous tweet :

Everyone is talking about Big Data and Machine learning but let’s not forget the top tools for Data in companies are Excel and FTP

The integrations is working fine. If I could make one comment is that I didn’t manage to build multi dimensional object in my Index. I’ve set up :

Test.test1: $COLB
Test.test2 : $COLC

And get two attributes instead of one with two dimensions. No big deal but I strongly believe that transforming flat data into multi-dimension is Ze key.

(May be I just didn’t find out how to do that also…)

Have a great day :wink:


Hey @pierre.aurele.martin, thanks for trying it!

It’s a great feedback and I think your are right, it might be useful to transform flat data into object.
I’ll have a look at the script, sounds totally doable.


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This is great! I just used with Airtable and was able to link everything up without knowing how to code. That you for putting this together. Any tips on how to import an array into Algolia through Zapier from something like Google Sheets?

If the cell has something like horse, dog, cat - I’d like to be able to import “animals” : [“horse”, “dog”, “cat”],

Right now it put quotations outside of the brackets and puts a “/” outside of the quotations.

Great work on this.


Hey @jake.k.klinvex, thanks for kicking the tires on this and glad you were able to get it working. Syncing a Google sheet or Airtable to Algolia is definitely something we do internally and we encourage it for folks who want to use Algolia but don’t want to have to write code :slight_smile:

Right now the beta Algolia Zapier app indexes every field as a string but this is something that @kevin.granger and I hope to improve soon. A workaround you could try for now is to try to interject Zapier’s Formatter app in the middle of your workflow.

You could parse the field with multiple values to create just one string “horse dog cat” and send that to Algolia. It won’t be perfect for relevance but the search will still find work and there will be no special characters to cause a display problem.

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Got it. Thank you. I wanted to keep the faceting, so I have been using the Export Sheet Data add on in Google Sheets and that seems to do the trick. Looking forward to working with the updates. Thanks again.


Hey there I’ve just updated the Zap it now supports few more features:

  • you can nest properties in your record attribute name with a dot – ie “social.twitter” (thanks @vvo)
  • format type are detected and pushed to Algolia (number, object/array, boolean, string)
  • any string containing null or undefined is removed.
  • there is a new search function to use the zap to locate a record in Algolia.

I’ve setup a CodeSandebox there if you want to play with the post process function → Algolia-Zapier-Zap - CodeSandbox and related github project GitHub - Shipow/Algolia-Zapier: Algolia task for Zapier

Thanks you all for your feedback it helps to iterate.

You can find the beta Zap here, if you were using the previous version it has been updated.

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If you want to check out Kevin talking more about the creation of the Algolia Zap, you can watch this video from our recent Search Party event at Algolia HQ in Paris:

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:tada: Thank you @kevin.granger

Algolia x Zapier x Spreadsheet seems the perfect solution for me to be able to collaborate and automate this process :raised_hands:t2:

I’ve seen it could work with Airtable, does that work with Google Spreadsheets too?
How do you match cells title to JSON attributes?

I’ve discovered that by myself : Using Zapier from Typeform to Spreadsheet with Algolia - #4 by pluantoine

I’m using it on Ghost, thank you

Great Zap, especially after the update. However it looks like detecting format type doesn’t work for nested attribute. On the screenshot, the same column is imported both into “nested.array” and “array” attributes, and as you can see it isn’t detected as array for the “nested.array” one.
Снимок экрана 2019-12-22 в 16.45.44

UPDATE: Just found that it only treats comma without a whitespace as array item delimiter, BRILLIANT! Still doesn’t work for nested attributes though.

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Hey @upgrademasters,
Thanks for taking the time to report this bug!
I haven’t been able to update this zap for a while but i’ll definitely try to fix this nested limitation next time I’ll iterate on it. Hope it is still useful for you in this state!