Algolia geoseach bug

hi everyone,i think the geosearch api has a bug because my already existing website keeps on blinking erratically making my website unusable from three days ago,i have not made any changes to my code so it must be a algolia geosearch bug

Hi @paulobiero147, do you have a link you can share so that we can see this behavior? Are you seeing any error messages or anything else that will help us troubleshoot?

here is the a location example from the website[query]=Ruiru ,and no,there are no error messages from the logs

Hi @paulobiero147, I’m seeing several javascript errors in the console which could be causing the issue:

these are errors from vendor js files,the file containing the code is in the algolia code starts from lines 134


There are several JavaScript errors on the website that might impact the widget. Would you be able to isolate the issue and reproduce it in a CodeSandbox? That would be helpful because understanding the problem from your production website is fairly complicated. We have a template to avoid the boilerplate part. Here is one for InstantSearch.js.

Thank you!


I looked more closely at the issue. It looks like the widget doesn’t work well with the latest version of Google Maps. It looks like you are using the weekly release channel with means it uses the latest version. You can pin the version to 3.41 or 3.42 it should solve the problem. I’ve opened an issue on GitHub about that.

You may encounter another issue with Google Maps. The maps will trigger a zoom out of the user moves the map. We document a workaround in this GitHub thread (this issue is for React Instantsearch but the same apply to InstantSearch).

Hope that helps!

the issue was caused by google maps version as you said,thanks