Algolia indexing is stuck at some level!

i am facing issue while algolia indexing, it is stuck at some level, like at 80000 products, and in my store having half million products. kindly guide me how can i solve this issue ASAP. your earliest response will be highly appreciated.

Note: while stuck through error for PHP FATAL error for size issue, i increased size also 2 or three time but no affect.


Hello Zia,

can you post here the exact text of the error you see?

Hi Jan,
thanks for you reply.

please find the error.


Thanks for the screenshot.

It means, you have too many products and it cannot be indexed in one batch - PHP on your server runs out of memory.
To index everything, you’ll need to set up indexing queue.
More information about the queue you can find in documentation:

i already did this, enable the que from GUI admin panel and make cron job. it runs after every 5 minutes, but it did not complete the index.


Hi Jan petr,

still looking for your reply. your earliest response will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Hey Zia,

what do you mean by “not complete the index”?
Are all your queue jobs processed?