Algolia instant search facet issue

Hello Algolia community,

I have a question, I have a script that I use in Bubble platform to make searches for the list of items to display. This is the integral part of the script:

function init_search() {

const searchClient = algoliasearch(

const search = instantsearch({
indexName: ‘project-name’,
routing: true

I have a facet called published_boolean that is set to true for some of the items. For example if I make search for all items as in the script code above I get 54 items in return, but when I order by the facet published_boolean in Algolia dashboard I get 50 items in return.

Can you help me implement the logic to search for the items where the facet published_boolean is set to true? I believe the script code above needs to be changed but nothing is working on my side.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me!

Have a good day,

Do we need to manage this in Algolia dashboard or can we do this in the script code?

Note: I can provide the rest of the script code but it is not important I believe.

Here are the results in Algolia dashboard if I filter based on published_boolean = true

Good Day Ilir,

I am in process of implementing Algolia search in bubble platform and while researching came across this post.

Can you advise on steps for implementation

  • Was thinking of having this in plugin. Would that be the correct way?
  • Was AutoComplete functionality also developed?
  • Did you encounter any issue in rending the algolia element in bubble (like search box, facets etc)? If yes how did you overcome it

Looking forward to hear from you for directions

Thanks & Regards,