Algolia Instant Search (ReactJS) injecting a Recommend Products widget

Hi Team,

We are using React Instant Search to render products along with filters. You can check the behviour on following URL.

Expected behaviour - This page should only render 3 products along with filters.

Current behaviour - A new section " RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR YOU" getting dynamically generated on page after filters. We do not have any such component in our code base and seems like it is rendering because of some configuration but not sure.

Strange part is, this behaviour is only happening on production but not on staging and local environment with same index & code base. We didn’t find any clue so far.

Any suggestions or pointers will be really helpful for us.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rishi.dhingra1

Your URL link didn’t come through in the post. I’m not aware of a situation where InstantSearch would add a section with that header. We actually have a separate recommendations product with its own UI for that. Double check your code.

Hi @chuck.meyer

You can check this behaviour on this URL -
Let me attach a screenshot for your reference. This will help you visualise the behaviour.