Algolia Instantsearch.js and Angular 2+

First and foremost I wanna thank the team at Algolia for having such a wonderful response system, it felt like I was talking to my friends.

By the way, some months back I was having issues with implementing Algolia Instantsearch.js with my Angular 4 app sent a couple of mails to Algolia and I got incredible feedbacksm thanks guy.

So, implementing the Algolia Instantsearch was much of a pain in the ass but using Angular typescript directives was.

So I decided to write a tutorial on enabling Algolia Instantseach.js work great with Angular 4 directives (Well did this with the help of Sylvain Utard ‘VP of egineering at Algolia’).

Below is the link to the tutorial:

Using Angular 2+ with Algolia Instantsearch.js Connectors


Thanks so much for continuing to share your experiences and learnings with the community!

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Hey Dayo,

thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it! I saw your article(s) last week, and they seem very good. Let’s get in touch for the future of Algolia and Angular :smile:


No problem … I am glad to always help.

Hey Haroen,

Would be glad to keep in touch.

We could interact via email :

That’s my email address.

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