Algolia instantsearch.js geoloc

I am struggling to implement the Algolia geoloc function. I am using instantsearch.js in my clientside application. I am unsure of where to add the aroundLatLng and aroundRadius information. All of the examples I’ve seen seem to be server side. Can anybody show me a working example of using geoloc instantsearch client side? Here is an example of what I’m trying to do:

I want to be able to enter a zipcode (it will be converted to lat lng) and then a search radius (which will be converted to km) that will update the hits list.

Here is my initiated search:

    courses_search = instantsearch({
        indexName: "courses",

        // I assumed I would add the data here but that doesn't seem to be working
        // and how would i then update the data when it changes?

        searchFunction(helper) {

I have no desire (atm) to put these items on a map. Just want to filter them by a search radius and sort by closest. Here is an example of my data:

  "course_full_title": "Applied Calculus",
  "semester": "Fall 2022",
  "course_number": "163",
  "course_abbreviation": "MATH",
  "number_of_credit_hours": "3",
  "description": "An introduction to differential and integral calculus.  Topics will include limits, the derivative, applications of the derivative, antiderivatives, and the definite integral.  Polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, and logarithmic functions will be studied.",
  "la_common_course_number": "CMAT 2103, Applied Calculus",
  "institution": "Southeastern LA University",
  "satellite_campus": "Main",
  "modality": "Hybrid",
  "restricted": null,
  "corresponding_hs_course": "Variable",
  "general_education": "Yes",
  "coures_prerequisite": "MATH 161",
  "cost_per_course": "0",
  "_geoloc": {
    "lat": "30.5173",
    "lng": "-90.4689"
  "objectID": "8150"

here are some things that I’ve tried:
           '', {
                         aroundRadius: 100,
                            aroundLatLng: '29.951,1 90.0715'
           '', {
                          aroundRadius: 100,
                            aroundLatLng: '29.951,1 90.0715'

for the latter, i get this error:

algoliasearch-lite.umd.js?ver=210722-164416:2 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
    at (algoliasearch-lite.umd.js?ver=210722-164416:2)
    at (index):282
    at geocoder.js:5
    at geocoder.js:5
    at geocoder.js:2
    at dya (geocoder.js:2)
    at Lha.d [as i] (geocoder.js:2)
    at Object.c [as _utsy5v] (common.js:95)
    at GeocodeService.Search?5m2&1d40.6694059&2d-73.9549421&7sUS&9sen-US&callback=_xdc_._utsy5v&key=AIzaSyDmpMknHZCk19dfAumNHIRMIziQb6Ny5Y4&token=12184:1